Towing Information, Rules & Regulations

Towing Weights

TESTS PASSED BEFORE 1 January 1997, can drive vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes MAM (Maximum authorized mass) towing large trailers (category B+E).

TESTS PASSED AFTER after 31 December 1996, the maximum combined weight you can tow is much lower. To find out what you are allowed to tow, you will have to make a calculation based on the weights of both the car and the trailer:

  • Category B vehicles can tow a trailer with a MAM up to 750kgs, provided that combined MAM does not exceed 4.25 tonnes.
  • Category B vehicles can tow a trailer with a MAM over 750kgs, if the MAM does not exceed the kerb weight (unladen weight) of the towing vehicle and the combined MAM does not exceed 3.5 tonnes. Kerb weights can be found in owners manuals.


Kerb weight 1.25 tonnes with a maximum of 2 tonnes Trailer can be 1.25 tonnes because it is less than the kerb weight of your car and the combined MAM is under 3.5 tonnes.

Driving Modifications When Towing

Restricted Speed Limits

50mph rural single carriage roads & 60mph on dual carriageways & motorways.

Motorway Restrictions

Keep to inside & middle lanes.


The overall length of the vehicle increases, therefore it is necessary to widen your turn to avoid hitting kerbs.

Stopping Distances

The additional weight of the trailer and its load will increase your stopping distance. You must therefore allow more time for braking.


When reversing you must steer the opposite way to the direction in which you require the trailer to travel.

Loading & Unloading

All un-braked trailers need to be hitched up for loading & unloading AND you must supply your own straps, and tie downs, hooks are available to use on the outside of the trailer.

Load Weights

One cubic meter of sand or soil weighs approximately 1.5 tonnes, clay 2 tonnes, bricks 300 per tonne, aim for a maximum 100kg noseweight (weight pushing down on the towbar).

Avoid parking or riding over kerbs or ramps when loaded, this puts undue weight on a single axle.


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