Trailer Hire Frequently Asked Questions

Common Trailer Hire Questions

Below are the answers to the most commonly asked questions. For additional queries, please contact us.

We have chosen to run the business from home; therefore we try to remain open 365 days of the year. Family holidays are fitted round any pre-existing bookings.
We have limited our pick up and drop offs to 7.30am-8.30am or 6.00-8.00pm Monday-Sunday. Other times maybe available with prior notice. Our telephones are manned 24/7 to help with your arrangements.
We work our day hire on a 24 hour basis. Therefore if you choose to hire for one day and collect at 8am, then we would expect the trailer returned on or before 8am the following day.
We will need to see a copy of your Drivers Licence (paper & card), another form of identification (utility bill), a £250 deposit, your payment and a number plate. We will also complete a Hire Contract when you collect where your address and telephone numbers will be taken. A mobile number will be taken in case of emergency.
The £250 covers our Insurance Excess, therefore should anything go wrong during the time you have the Trailer on hire, we have our excess covered. In normal circumstances your £250 (cash or cheque) will be returned with no problem at all; however any damage to the trailer will result in JB Trailer Hire keeping this deposit.
Booking confirmation is sent where possible by email, with the dates and times of the hire, together with a reminder of what identification documents you will need and the deposit and number plate, plus very clear instructions on how to find us.
The insurance that we pay on your behalf through the NTTA (National Trailer Towing Association) for each day of your hire covers us for Fire, Theft and Accidental Damage when not on our premises. The excess for this is the £250 that you are paying as your deposit and when signing the ire Contract on collection you are agreeing that this will be kept by JB Trailer Hire should any Fire, Theft of Accidental Damage occur. The contents of the trailer are NOT covered, nor are you covered if you accidentally damage someone else's vehicle with the trailer.
You must contact us immediately, as the police can be informed should this be necessary.
ANY damage will result in your deposit cheque being banked in order to either pay for our access or go towards making payment to make right the trailer. We are a family business so will only take what funds are needed.
The minimum category you need on your licence is BE. Categories are clearly displayed on the reverse of your Drivers License photo card. If in doubt you are always welcome to call us to discuss.
In accordance with our Insurance conditions, we need to check that you are firstly legal to drive (valid driver's Licence) and secondly whether you are legal to tow. We will be looking at the categories on the reverse of your card for this. A note of your Drivers Licence number will be taken along with the categories.
All vehicles are legal required to clearly display a number plate and but towing a trailer your vehicle is no longer clearly displaying one. As we work from home, we are unable to make up number plates for this purpose, however Halfords in Barnstaple can help as well as many other businesses in the area. Our Car Transporter, General Duty and Flatbed trailers take the usual shape plate; however the Box Trailer needs a square one. We have provided a number plate case on all trailers for the plate to slot neatly into.
We are based in Northam, Nr Bideford, North Devon and clear directions are available on request and on confirmation of a booking.
Directions are provided as and when you need them and SatNav will help you find us too - albeit down an alternative country lane! But, don't panic you'll still get here.
We offer trailer hire from one day (24 hours) to 4 weeks should you need it.
Our weekend rate applies when a trailer is collected after 4pm on Friday and delivered back before 10am on a Monday. Any late returns may result in an additional days charge.
We suggest making sure you have half an hour to spare for this, in order that the paper work can be completed correctly, payment and deposit taken and a visual inspection of the trailer before it is hitched up and lights checked.
Our telephone numbers are sign written onto all the trailers, but we will also be contactable by email and an additional telephone number plus the two existing is listed on a keyring attached to your trailer key.
All of our trailers were new when purchased and specifically purchased because the Tow Bar connection to the Tow Bar is lockable with a key. We also provide you with a Universal Coupling Lock for you to use if you need to store the trailer off your vehicle.
Yes we do a special offer for weekend or a full week hire. Please see our prices.
No, we do not offer half day or hourly hire, purely because we have provided this service in the past and rebooked the trailer in the afternoon to find the morning booking returned late, resulting in a very embarrassing situation and upset customers.
Our straps are here to help make things easier and more convenient for you, however if you would like to use your own this is absolutely fine.
We are happy to take bookings over the telephone, which are confirmed where possible in writing by email. A booking deposit is not taken; the only deposit needed is the holding deposit at collection.
No, the insurance is paid for on your behalf, to ensure that they are insured at all times.
As standard we provide Universal Coupling locks for all our trailers, these are provided in a smart little case with the clear instructions for usage. We also ask that the trailer Tow Bar lock is kept locked when in use and when not in use. You are welcome to use additional hitch locks and wheel locks should you wish - the trailer is your responsibility while under your hire.
We don't supply these as standard; however you are always welcome to take the wooden chocks that we use while the trailer is stationary on our premises.
If the water proof canopy is taken from our premises, we are assuming you are using it and it is therefore not available for other customers to use during this hire period. Therefore a refund will not be issued.
When making the booking, we ask the dates and times of collection and delivery to ensure the trailer is available to other customers either side of these dates. It is made unavailable to anyone else for the dates you require. Therefore a refund will not be issued if you cut your original booking short.
We have limited our pick up and drop offs to 7.30am-8.30am or 6.00-8.00pm Monday-Sunday. Other times maybe available with prior notice. Our telephones are manned 24/7 to help with your arrangements.
Yes, SatNav will tell you the directions via country lanes which will get you to us, but don't panic as the route we take you will be much more 'trailer friendly'.
Yes, your £250 deposit cheque could be written out ready to JB Garden Services, your number plate made up and you could check that your Tow bar light connections work. All our trailers are checked before they leave us using our vehicles, but dirty plugs on your own vehicle can result in problems with the electrics connection.
At JB Trailer Hire we always suggest you purchase the correct standard of plate. Halfords in Barnstaple will make up a plate while you wait and Pat Williams can generally do it within the hour.
Yes the Trailers are insured for Fire, Theft and Accident Damage, but you will need to make sure your own personal vehicle insurance covers you for Towing.
In this instance we would recommend an alternative vehicle or point you in the direction of Top2Tow who have fit all our personal vehicles with Tow Bars.
The answer is No, but we are happy for you to nominate someone else with the correct categories tow for you. They must sign the Hire Contract on collection and provide the deposit.